My name is Max Josef Gillmeier.

Hi :)

I was born 1996 in Munich, were I grew up and discovered my passion for photography.
2013 I started taking pictures of my friends, developed my stile and knowledge and fully planned out shootings at the age of 15. So far all I knew and did was self taught. I began to experiment with Photoshop and started to enhance the quality of my pictures afterwards. Working with Photoshop, I learned more about composition, layout and got a feeling for design. Thats why I accepted assignments for brochures, flyers and poster, starting my second passion: design.
In the last nine years I grew as a photographer, learned more about light, editing and the art of photography itself. I'm working on my repertoire ever since and I am now able to grasp the opportunities at hand. Being able to take the pictures as I envision them. 
My specialties are sport and people.
In 2015 I decided to enhance my skills by studying design in Munich what opened new doors into the world of photography. 
I'm still learning, never tired to try something new. 
If you're interested in a shooting feel free toContact me. 
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